{Bee Daisy, Purple Daisy and Sunny Daisy from the Etsy Shop}

Sometimes my clients and customers sends me photos of how and where prints or paintings ended up in their homes. These are from a Swedish client who bought several prints from me last year and many of them ended up in her summerhouse in southern Sweden. I loved how she placed them and asked if I could share these with you.


And don’t you absolutely love how Mamma Mia Livingroom and Master Bedroom turned out framed? LOVE! It’s like you are looking into someone else’s home with these prints. There are so many details sketched in by Jill Sorensen of (I did the watercolor) that you can get lost in them.

Another recent client who bought the Mamma Mia Entry emailed me and said “The prints are beautiful, and the mamma mia one has so much character, the photo of it on etsy doesn’t quite do it justice.” I agree. It’s so hard to capture the quirky style of these. They are mesmerizing up close.

I’d love to see how your prints and paintings turned out in your homes! Feel free to email me your photos 🙂