Prepping for Cocktails & Canvases Nov. 4, 2013

I hosted another monthly Cocktails & Canvases this past Sunday. We had such a blast I totally forgot to take “in-progress” photos! Thanks to the Fall time change I got an extra hour in the morning and printed up a storm in my studio before getting everything ready for the students. Casey always helps me a little, making sure the kitchen and powder-room are in order.

Setting up the paint tubes before Cocktails & Canvases, Nov. 4, 2013

Casey headed to watch the Redskin’s game and I started my Spotify “Cocktails & Canvases” playlist and rocked out while sorting paint tubes.  It helps me and the students to see all the color variations.

Students from Cocktails & Canvases, Nov. 4, 2013

And here they are! My fine students who did such a fantastic job! There’s some slight glare from the flash I had to use because the sun was going down.  We laughed, we talked and we sang-a-long to the music.  They were all so sweet and showered me with compliments. I felt so honored to help them finished their pieces.

Next event is December 7! You can register here.