Before I’m heading to Richmond today to pick up my art from the Virginia State Senate exhibit, I wanted to show you what I’m currently working on.

After a comment by an interior decorator, I was inspired to make this painting into a large scale one. Wouldn’t it look so cool over a sofa or in a big entry way? Here’s the progress so far (sorry for my not-so-good iPhone photos):

{first layer of Pink+Gray together with the Royal Bridal Bouquet}

I started the painting a couple of weeks ago but then the royal bridal bouquet and prints took up most of my time so it patiently waited for me. It measures 36×48 inches (91.4cm x 122cm), so it’s pretty large when it sits on the easel. Look how little the Royal Bridal Bouquet looks like in comparison in the above photo (update to come on that one as well).

PinkGray 2_SE (1)

{a little bit more definition after a couple of more layers}

Though I like the white background (wow my eyes are almost hurting from staring at that bright white background in this photo! It looked softer in real life… Doesn’t the magenta color really pop!?), I wanted the pink and gray color combination. My mind was set.

 {first layer of the gray background has been added}

This to me is calmer but still bright and happy. It’s one of those pieces that could be in a spa even with its bold color.

After this photo was taking, I started adding some details to the petals. My husband says he’d love this painting as it is (well, finished but without any more details). I’m a sucker for the details though, and I can’t wait to add more when I get back!

Love to read your comments so type away! Stay tuned for another update later this week.