I definitely fell in love with Carmel. It’s a small city 2 hours south of San Francisco. So much to take in! The shops are fantastic, the arcitecture is very artsy and fairytale like, cobble stones everywhere and everyone has a dog. It’s not the best description but every one of your scenses will be satisfied here.


Just another beautiful gate on the main street.

We visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium which was nice. It’s right on the water and actually has outdoor portions as well, including where you can see sea lions and sea otters sunbath.

The 28 feet Kep Forest is one of the tallest aquarium exhibits in the world and you can view it from two different floors so it gives a different perspective viewing the fish weave through the kelp.


I loved the Open Sea exhibit and we just happened to catch the live feeding of sharks, really ugly molas and other kinds of fish be hand fed. Neat.


We just had to go back to Carmel for a second time. We had breakfast at Katy’s Place two days in a row. It was so goooood.


The 17-mile drive along the coast between Carmel and Monterey. This is where the famous Pebbel Beach Golf Club is located. It’s a beautiful drive and you get to look at some beautiful houses as well. I hope to paint some of the scenery soon.


Hubby and the car on a very foggy 17-mile drive.

Next stop is San Francisco!