Casey and I flew from DC to Colorado recently and spent a week with friends and family. Can you believe this was our first real vacation in 2 years? Yikes. I love traveling and get a lot of inspriation from our trips. I need moments, days or a full week when all I do is soak up beautiful views and new experiences so when I’m in the studio I can draw upon those experiences. 

We first visited our good friends Scott and Erin in Denver where the weather was sunny and in the 60s the whole time (which was at the time warmer than in DC). How wonderful! Who has been spreading all those rumours that Denver is covered in snow all year round? Oh – the people in Denver so we don’t all move there! It’s a really lovely city.

While in Denver we caught Wilco at Fillmore on their second leg of the same tour we watched in Central Park, NYC back in the fall (did I never mention it? I can’t find the blog post about it hmm). Erin’s sister had the hook up so we got to watch from the VIP section – sweet! 

Erin and I had some relaxing time getting pedi’s.

We also checked out Boulder which doesn’t look anything like in The Shining. Hm. Another misconception.  Erin and I stopped at The Boulder Teahouse to enjoy afternoon tea. I had a the Honey Orchid tea and Erin had something alittle bit more minty.

Then we had this brilliant idea of going to the Rodeo…  I guess we wanted to see a different side of America and let me tell you, it was different. I couldn’t sit in my seat for more than 5 minute before I left feeling sorry for the animals. I just couldn’t do it. I felt sorry for my friends who followed behind but I think they got their fill as well. We did however, got to try some amazing deep fried snacks. Well, “amazing” because how often do you get to try deep friend twinkies, oreo cookies and snickers??

Are these cows? They look different from what I know a cow looks like. They were huge and not so clean…  I believe these are getting ready to be auctioned off for breeding. As I said, a different world.

I’ll share more photos from our trip later this week.