The drive along Highway 1 is mostly just one lane but if you go through LA or other big cities, it will be bigger roads. The beach will go from stretched out to big cliffs, to houses right on the water to farmers plowing their land along. It’s very different and changes along the drive.

We rented a convertable to take in most of the scenery, and though it was sometimes a little chilly we still drove with the top down. Of course now I want a convertable.


My friend, Ann, had recommended a stop in Solvang which is a small little Danish village just outside of Santa Barbara. We had lunch and picked up some delishious Danish wienerbrod for the road. YUM!


Another great example of how different the scentery was. This is somewhere outside of Hearst Castle. We didn’t make it up to the Castle but did drive by it and saw it from a distance. Unfortunately we had underestimated how long the drive would take from Laguna Beach to Monterey and got to Hearst Castle right when it was closing. Oh well, another time.


Big Sur. Oh my how amazing this part of the drive was. You just drive along the edge for hours. It’s amazing. This is at Ragged Point Inn, one of the many camp grounds they have in Big Sur.


The sun was setting while the speakers where plastic anything from Beatles, Rolling Stones to Wilco and the Avett Brothers. Memory for life.

More to come but I’m not sure I can top photos from Big Sur.