Sunrise at the airport

We watched the sun rise over Washington DC as we boarded our plane.

Oh how I wish I was still on vacation! The trip to St Thomas was fantastic and with Bob Marley in my ears, you and I are going back to the USVI for a look back.

A couple of years ago when my Mom turned 60, my sisters and I decided to surprise her with a trip to St Thomas. We hoped that all three of her daughters could come with but in the end, school schedules for kids etc. interfered so it was a “Mom and Me” trip – and what a fantastic trip it was!

Lunch in Puerto Rico

We had a transferred and a couple of hours wait in Puerto Rico and enjoyed a nice lunch and did some walking around the small airport. When we flew over the island I thought it looked so small – oh, what was to come. While landing in St Thomas was a breeze, we only saw water and small islands before we were safe on the ground.

St Thomas Marita Erica Sabrina

Sabrina, a dear friend of me and Casey (they go back to elementary school), picked us up at the airport and showed us a little bit of the island before we went to our resort. Sabrina lives on the island with her fiance and adorable dog.  They took such good care of us through out our stay. I crashed into vacation mode though and was soooo exhausted. Good thing I could just be lazy on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world…

Magen's Bay and Mom

Mom overlooking Magens Bay

Magens Bay has white sand stretching for nearly three quarters of a mile and it’s one of the most popular beaches on the island for tourists. Luckily for us there were no cruise ships while we were on the island which meant the beach was nice and calm and not crowded at all. We lived just a quarter mile from the beach and walked to it every day. They don’t have any sidewalks on the island and the roads are extremely windy but the road to the beach was fine.

Sunset view from hotel

Our beautiful view from our hotel.

Stay tuned for part 2 & 3 in the coming days.