Erica Eriksdotter Pottery with DD Lecky at LibertyTown in Fredericksburg

In one of the healing workshop last year, I was divinely guided to play with pottery and it just happens that one of my best friend’s owns a pottery studio. Funny how it had never entered my mind to try pottery with DD even though I have always wanted to try it. Weird. Anyways, Casey and I headed down for some fun.

Erica Eriksdotter throwing pottery at LibertyTown in Fredericksburg

DD and Kenneth Lecky own and run LibertyTown in Fredericksburg, Virginia outside of their normal jobs since 2013 (you can read their story in this article which includes a nice photo by Casey Collings). We are immensely proud of them and have watched them narrowing in on their goals and working hard at achieving their dream. Now, DD is taking the next step and leaving her successful day job to blossom into a full-time artist and will dedicate the days to throwing pottery, teaching classes and operating the day-to-day gallery. Way to go DD!

Erica Eriksdotter and DD Lecky throwing pottery

Man that was fun! DD is a patient and calm teacher and when my clay went flying she just picked up the next piece and had me start over. She calmly told me why it happened and how to adjust my hands, body and technique. I found it easy to get into the zone and just focus, but shaping the clay in the beginning stages is hard! You really throw your whole body into it (hello sore glutes and lats) with millimeter precision. (disclaimer: the pots you see in the front in the photo to the right are DD’s not mine – just sayin’).

While we were throwing, other pottery makers finished their pieces and a few visitors walked in off the street and peeked in at what we were doing. LibertyTown is a very nice and warm community where you feel very welcome to explore and open up your creative side in a safe environment. And while I was doing pottery that day, they also exhibit a lot of painters and have in-house art studios and offer classes – one of whom generously offered a few tips and words of encouragement during a very low point for me in 2011.

Erica Eriksdotter throwing pottery with DD Lecky at LibertyTown

So how did I do? DD said she was surprised how really well I did on my first time – but she’s also a close friend and I was buying her dinner so she’s biased. But I did make a couple of bowl-looking things so I was pleased, but it wasn’t the bowls I was after but the creative process and to play with clay. It was very grounding and nurturing. Overall it was very rewarding and inspirational, and I found it very refreshing to be the student for once.

Aaaaand then we (attempted to) eat a bushel of crabs, drank delicious wine and played cards against humanity. All in all a wonderful day!

[photos by Casey Collings]