Grace Square Manhattan 2011

Gracie Square Manhattan Art Show

Gracie Square Manhattan Art Show

A blast from the past, what really feels like forever ago, the Gracie Square Art Show in October 2011.

It took place on the upper east side on Manhattan. We have fun memories from this weekend. Good stories – the ones that get better with time when you forget the terrible moments or they become funnier. Like the fact that a lot of people walk their dogs through this park and decided to throw their poop bags in the trash can next to my tent. Thank God that Casey was strong enough to move the trash can away because I kept holding my breath, and poop smell and holding your breath doesn’t make for a great sales pitch.

It was raining off and on all of Sunday during the show, and sales were really poor throughout the whole weekend to be honest. Our show neighbor zipped up his tent and opened a bottle of wine that last day. We had a long drive back to Virginia that night so unfortunately we couldn’t do the same… we were just hoping for something to life our spirits, but only more rain came (which really makes for a horrible break-down since original art that can be ruined in a heartbeat… BUT the show and the weekend wasn’t a waste. I think the best part of the whole weekend was that we got to spend time with Casey’s cousin who was attending the NY film academy at the time. He’s since moved out to Hollywood where I have no doubt he’ll be successful.

The art show world is definitely not made for the weak ones.