{Welcome home! The entry in LiveLikeYou.com’s newest personality, Aloha Chic.}

LiveLikeYou.com recently introduced another interior design personality on its site. This one is a combination of retro island chic with Hawaiian inspired prints and old world flair. 

I love all the entry ways that Jill designs. I mean, how happy would you be when the first time you see every time you come home is a pink chair and a green parrot? To be honest, I kinda want this wall paper in our powderroom… This or the one Jill has in one of her hall ways.

{Several of my original paintings are included in this Aloha Chic look, including White Twist}

This is the fun living room. See anything familiar? My White Twist is hanging on the wall! How fun it is to paint in your own painting! The painting is currently at the framer being spoiled with a new neutral wood colored frame. Can’t wait to show you an updated photo of it. Stay tuned! See photos of the actual furnitures in the personality. 

{colorful bedroom from LiveLikeYou.com}

Then there’s the lovely bedroom. The bedding is part of Jill’s (owner of LiveLikeYou) private label. Her designs are always the top sellers. I think that rug would look really great in my living room. 🙂

You may remember that Jill does all the drawing for these and I only do the water colors. She does a great job at creating a space where you can see yourself living. You can see some behind the scenes photos here and here. All LiveLikeYou.com renderings can be viewed in the commissions gallery and they are also available for purchase in the print section, which is an extension of my Etsy shop.