Bathroom renovation

Upgrading our bathrooms has been a “must do” on our list since we moved in over 6 years ago. This has been the embarrassment, the eye-sore of our home. So why haven’t we fixed it sooner?  Well, we could never decide on how much of a renovation we should do. Would it be worth the $6000 to gut both tiny bathroom plus the cost of a new soaking tub, vanities, cabinets, toilets etc. (at least another 2K)?  We would have loved to, but it just didn’t make since when you considered the “return on investment,” plus the fact that we don’t plan on staying much longer in this house. Clearly, I’m all for doing what you want if you plan on staying to enjoy it.

So how much renovation would make sense? We finally decided on replacing the floor (the hideous original linoleum floor from 1983), and it took us a couple of months to decide on which floor (Linn’s bathroom in Spain really inspired us to go with a dark gray tile (kinda like this) instead of the hexagon marble tiles I initially wanted) and upgrade the vanities and toilets to some more modern stuff. We’re adding a fresh coat of paint the bathrooms will look great.

Do you have an area in your home that you are embarrassed over?

Note: Follow this process here and here.