It’s not easy being an artist and running your own business. There are many ups and downs, and confusing times. Here’s a shout out to some of my artist friends who participated in the recent Arts in the Park in Richmond, Va. These are my go-to people that will help me feel normal, cheer me on and convince me not to give up when times are rough. 

The marvelous Lisa Ashinoff who showed her city scapes in Richmond. She’s won several awards for her large water scenes and she does shows up and down the East Coast pretty much all year around. She rocks and you can follow her on facebook to see if she’ll be in your area soon.

Gene Gregorio is such a funny character and absolutely crazy. He is one of those artists who could paint 20 hours straight, which I’m extremely jealous of. He’ll do shows all over the East Coast this summer and fall so be sure to follow him on facebook if you’re interested.

David Oleski is a wonderful artists who has a lot of experience in the business. When I have questions or need advice, he’s one of my go-to peeps. He has a lot of experience and can share tips on how he has reached success in the art show world. My next art show is a show he is running in the Hampton’s July 5-7. Sooo excited! Find him on facebook.

I met Virginia Sorsby Fergus in Richmond at one of the first shows I ever did and I found her so impressive. To me, she just looked like what I pictured an artist would look like. She is such a nice woman and I really enjoy doing shows with her. 

Kenneth Lecky goes way back with my husband, as far as to middle school. He does a few shows a year and recently won a couple of awards for his work! Check out his recent photos of the cherry blossoms in DC and follow him on facebook if you please.

Itty Bitty Press is just so cool. It’s a husband (Jay) and wife (Bri) team of designers and screen printers. They do posters and t-shirts and are very popular among the musicians in Richmond and Fredericksburg, VA, as they do a lot of show posters. Bri is also Kenneth Lecky’s sister-in-law! Small world. Follow their adventures on facebook.

Kris Taylor was my neighbor for my first two years at Arts in the Park and we always had a nice time. Having nice neighbors at a show is key because you’re stuck with them and their energy for two days straight. It gets very intense sometimes. Kris is a darling and her copperplate etchings are equally so. 

What is etching? Etching is when you carve a detailed drawing on a metal plate, usually zinc, but Kris uses copper. You carve by corroding its surface with nitric acid. When the design is complete, the plate is inked and run through a hand press. Each eaching is an original print because no two prints are exactly alike. 

Where do I start with this adorable couple? Mary Lou Hess and her husband Joe were also my neighbors for the first two years at Arts in the Park. They have been cheering me on ever sense. I love her etchings and came home with two of them this past show, and I still want “To Meet and Be Met.” Mary Lou and Joe drives all the way from New Albany, Indiana, to participate in the Arts in the Park. I’m very fond of them and hope to see them again.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite artists friends and found some new art that you love!