I’m busy prepping for this weekend’s show in Richmond and as always, one of the hundred things spinning in my mind is how to prep the booth this show. We’ve started getting really good at hanging the paintings so it creates more of a gallery feel to it – an organized chaos in a 10×10 space – which is looking really good. 

To remind myself of the space I had last year, I started looking back at some photos. Boy, what a difference a year makes!

Wow. I’m so glad I invested in another mesh panel. I really would like a rug and buy a slightly smaller table…just to make it flow better. 

I love it when happen to get extra space between me and the next booth and I can hang stuff on the outside wall. This is usually an extra fee and you have to apply for it but sometimes you can get lucky. I’ve been lucky a few times this fall. It’s so nice to display more pieces since I have too many to fit all inside so there’s a selection process each show. 

This is in Manhattan a few weekends ago where I was fortunate to have pieces hanging on two outside walls. Sweet!

Alright, back to packing and organizing. Hope to see you this weekend in Richmond!