I was thrilled to stage my first home a couple of weeks ago. How fun! The owners were putting the house up on the market and felt they needed some pop of colors on their walls and gave me a call. Already customers of mine, I was honored they thought of me when they needed art they would love. It was a great experience and I’d love to do it again.

Here are a few photos I snapped after hanging six of my paintings in their home.

Hello good lighting! It was amazing to see the light hit the paintings just right. I wish I could showcase my art like this all the time. Having the right light really makes a difference.

Did you notice the daisy paintings hang vertically? We needed something on each side of the TV but nothing seemed to work until the owner thought of the great idea of turning the daisies. It looks great!

You know, I thought my large paintings were pretty large. It’s amazing what a difference the size of the room, ceiling height and the furniture makes to decide how a painting fits in. My large paintings look like normal sized art in this house and I loved seeing that because the pieces add to the home without taking over any of the rooms. Now I totally got the bug of wanting to do even larger paintings though! How fun would that be! 

I loved running around trying to figure out which painting could go where. Casey was there to help me hang them once the owner and I had agreed on a spot. It really helps when the owner has a very good eye and knows what he/she wants. And I’m very happy to say that the owners were thrilled with the pieces and decided to keep several of them. I guess we can call my first home staging a success!