I’m officially done with all the painting. Man, that took three days! I’m off to varnish a bridal bouquet painting but first I wanted to show you some photos from yesterday’s adventure: the closet!


Sure, I could have left the closet as is, but I’m just not that kind. As I mentioned yesterday, I tend to paint the closets when doing a room. I assume everyone matches but it may just be me. I guess I really thought I liked this green…  I know, not the most glamorous closet but it’s just for a spare room (aka my studio) so it’s all good.

Look what I found when cleaning it out! My mom’s amazing wreaths that she and I both forgot she was storing in my closet. These are handmand by her. She’s just amazingly talented and I really wish I could keep these. Maybe she’ll forget if I don’t mention it? Nah.

These are different both in looks and sizes. She also makes stars, round shaped, standing ones etc., the list is long. She is a trained florist and has worked at shops appointed Royal Warrants in both Denmark and Norway (those who supply goods or services to a royal court or certain royal personages). If you are interested in learning more, feel free to send me an email and I’ll pass it on to her.

It took me 3 layers of white paint again. In hindsight I should have bought the paint with the built-in primer. It would have saved time and body aches. Next time, right? And yes, I had my little helper this time as I forgot to close the door! I’m surprised Rasmus made it out without a white nose the way he was sniffing.

Happy Friday Eve everyone! 🙂