My body is so tired after two days of painting walls but the studio is starting to come together. There’s still lots to do but here’s a short update.

Previously, this room had a light greenish color which really was too soft for my taste (don’t ask why I choose it!) but I figured I’d keep it for a while. The studio housed a dresser that kept paint, brushes and some canvas paper, and the ever reliable Billy bookcase from IKEA that had all my books and important papers in it.

The TV, DVD set up is barely used so I’m thinking about removing it. Our small HD TV broke while this room served as a “safe room” for Rasmus so that’s why we’re back to my old college bubble TV. When I paint, I like watching Swedish TV on my laptop.


This is the side of the room that has furniture on it. My 15 year old desk, that was brought over from Sweden, was moved into Casey’s office a year ago. After the make over, it will have a really nice antique desk plus lots of wall shelves. The opposite wall will continue to be naked as that’s where I’ll take my final photos of the paintings.

What a difference in color… And that green was very light to begin with.

See the contrast between the finished corner and the green wall behind the door? The inside door has also gotten a fresh coat of paint. Did you know you paint doors with brushes and not rollers? Mom taught me that last time… It makes for a longer makeover.

While I was painting, the door was closed to keep the cats out. Yesterday, I heard a knock on the door and I’m not sure if they were guests or from inspection (didn’t see any hardhats or clipboards though) but these two rascals walked in!

After two full days of being kept out, they made sure to inspect every corner. Before the above photo was taken, an unsuspected Lola was ambushed by Rasmus.

Too funny. Of course she didn’t even flinch. She’s gotten quite used to his random “attacks.”

After two days, the room has received 3 – 4 layers of white paint and is done. It’s definitely brighter and feels larger. Today, I’m moving on to the closet space which this overachiever (points to self) of course painted green the last time.

Happy Wednesday!