Since the art auction is getting closer I figured we could look back at the paintings from the last one. You’ve seen many of them over the last year what turned out to be prints and larger original paintings, which later turned into limited editions. But this is how they got started. All were sold during the art auction. 

Don’t forget to join in on the fun in April! Stay tuned for dates! 

Sweet Delicate Hydrangea, 10×10 inches. Available in print.

I love Pretty Birdy on a Wire (10×10 inches), so much so I ended up making a much larger piece of this painting named Mr Purple. It has a lot more details and is the base for the limited edition, Mr Purple. This painting above is what makes the open ended print size 8×8.  

Pink Calla on Orange, 8×10 inches. Available in print.

Roses a la Shabby Chic was hard to paint! I’m such a detailed person and I’m so proud of this piece. It came out just how I wanted. The original was 8×10 inches and is available in print.


I love how the rose peaks out from the corner in this original painting. Sun-Drenched Rose is available as a 8×8 ins print

A deep dive into a pink rose! Pink Sweetheart Rose is available in print.


Another favorite! I’m loving the birds man. My Friend, Mr Green is available in print, and I couldn’t resist making this a larger original painting. Mr. Green (without “my friend”) is a 24×24 inches original piece which goes supernice with Mr Purple. The limited edition Mr Green is based on the larger painting which has a lot more refined details. 

Grazing Socks – my first horse! Casey and I visited his parents up in Pennsylvania when he took a photo of a horse we saw which later turned into this painting. Casey has such a great eye! This painting is available in print.

Another deep dive into a rose. Purple Sweetheart Rose and Pink Sweetheart Rose were roses Casey gave me on a special occasion (which one escapes me at the moment) and they were so gorgeous I couldn’t help but paint them. This piece is available in prints.

Another one of Casey’s photos that inspired a piece of art of mine. Chillin’ and Chattin’ is such a fun painting. I love this one. I’ve been meaning to make it a larger piece but just haven’t gotten to it. This is available in print. 

Now we’re looking forward to April! Are you joining in on the fun? What are you hoping to see?