I’m very fortunate to have my own studio in my house, and I love painting with the window open so I can smell the honey suckles, which are in bloom right now, and hear the birds… However, I still find myself dreaming away and thinking about an even nicer studio. I’m thinking a mix of the following:

  • I feel the most creative surrounded by white and calm tones, so it needs to be white…preferably even the floors… My paintings will add the color to the room (hopefully only on the canvas!).
  • I love light! Lots of windows and big antique mirrors reflecting the light, please!
  • Of course you need to have somewhere to rest ones in a while, right? (we’re going to pretend I don’t always sit and paint).
  • Definitely need a nice view through those nice big windows… Yes, I love the trees outside mine but I’m thinking trees AND a lake or the ocean… I like it as scenic and peaceful as possible.
  • Fresh flowers is a must! Both to have in the studio and in the yard. I love fresh flowers.

Traveling always inspires me to paint and I’d love to paint to the views of the Eiffel tower or the lavender fields in France, the Colosseum and the amalfi coast in Italy, and the rolling hills of England and Ireland. As a child, I always brought my watercolors with me when we traveled in Europe, but I’d love to return with the goal in mind to paint a few hours a day.

Carolina Gynning’s art studio in Stockholm, Sweden.


My studio isn’t as messy, but it can easily get there when you’re doing a project. That’s why it’s extra nice to have a door you can close and just walk away from it! 🙂

Have a great day!


[photo credits: Everything Fabulous, This is Glamorous, Imaginary Design and Gynning.net]