You remember this painting, right? I finished it back in March and here are some behind-the-scenes photos of how it came alive. Looking back at these photos, and on every painting I do really, I’m always amazed by the process. I think what differs an artist from anyone else is not necessarily talent but knowing when the painting is finished and sticking with it until it is.  

The challenge with white flowers is trying to make them stand out on white canvas. Not going to happen… so for me, I like to paint a light background, in this case I painted a temporary light sand/gold color just so I could see that I had my perspective right. I liked the soft look it created but knew the client may want a different color in the end.

About mid-way through the process, I sent this photo to the client and suggested a few different background options, including a softer blue background similar to the Royal Bridal Bouquet, which they enjoyed . That bouquet also had white flowers and because I knew from the start I wanted to add a light blue color I could skip the temporary background to help me navigate.

{sharing my view with you. This is exactly how close I sit when I work on the details.}

The client picked light blue and after adding several layers of a flat color, I finished with a lighter blue to add more texture. Then I focused my attention to the details of the flowers. This is my favorite part because I love adding the details and seeing the flowers come alive. How amazing is it to create an orchid just from your tiny little brush? I wish I would pay as much attention to my 10 REAL orchids right now. They are in desperate need of my TLC.


{Lola is a demanding studio cat for sure, but she helps me add magic to every piece I work on.}

And yes, it never fails. Of course Lola was in my lap at times while working on this piece. She has a hand in every painting I work on. When she felt the brush was getting too much attention she would bite it… paying no attention to if it had paint on it or not. The client was so happy with this piece and it was such a joy to work on. I’m so grateful to all my clients and to all of you for sharing my work with your loved ones, near and far.