{sketching out and making sure there’s a good balance among the flowers}

Since we got to see the finished version of Sandra’s Bridal Bouquet, I wanted to show you some photos from when I painted it. It’s always fun to look back and I’m always amazed how well it turned out after seeing the beginning. Jikes.


As you know, Lola loves laying in my lap when I paint but this particular time she accidentally dipped her tail in my paint. Luckily, I removed it before she could clean it off herself. Whew.


Second layer and the depth (shading) is taking shape.


I had to keep this a surprise so this was one of the few photos I shared on instagram during the process, besides this of course.


The background color. This painting has about 5 layers of background paint as the first two were too light. I usually go with my instinct when it comes to background color and having a lighter gray just didn’t work for me so I took a deep breath and just went for a much much darker gray.  Hope you liked the finished version!