This is what The Pearl looks like right now hanging on the wall at the top of my staircase. It’s hard to believe it didn’t always look like this. Let’s go back to how it took shape. Here are some photos during the making of it.

You got to start somewhere… Looking back it looks so flat but this is how they all look in the beginning before they really feel “alive.” 

This is several days and hours into the process. Now you see some definition and shading take place. The pattern is also taking form.

The magenta is replaced by green to enhance the veins. 

I’ve adding back some purple/magenta to create the darker shaded parts. Usually when I feel fairly confident about the flower I start working on the background. The background color is equally as important as the actual flower. It should add to the feeling of the painting without stealing the spotlight from the focal point. 

I thought a warm gold or yellow would work really well with the magenta and the green and my 200 year old pot would come to serve as my inspiration… First, a mix of gold, sand and yellow colors which will create the base layer.

The first layer is down. This will serve as the base for the actual background. There are too many strong color fighting for attention here in my opinion, good thing the background wasn’t staying like this for long.. I remember already feeling agitated. 

When I work with larger canvases I notice how even the slightest wrong color mix can swing my mood the opposite way. Colors have a huge impact in our lives. I want my art to have a positive effect on people and nurture them and make them feel good. On to the look of the pot.

I just love this background. It must be my favorite. It works perfectly with the calla lily and they both complement each other. Magic. 

A lot more detail work has been done to the flower as well after the background was added. Here’s a final picture of it straight on a few weeks ago when it was hanging in my booth.

{The Pearl, original acrylic painting, 30×40 inches} 

Hope you enjoyed walking down memory lane with me and that you have an even more appreciation of The Pearl now that you know how she came to life. 


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