{Three is company: Mirja’s Bridal Bouquet (24×24), Royal Bridal Bouquet (24×18) and Caroline’s Bridal Bouquet (18×18)}

It’s not often I have three bridal bouquets in the studio at the same time, so Casey snapped this photo of before I was heading out to watch Chris Botti at Wolf Trap yesterday. I always find it helpful to see a painting next to a person or a piece of furniture you know the size of (my chair). What also is helpful is to see different sizes next to each other. Don’t you think?

On the top right, you have Mirja’s Bridal Bouquet which is 24×24 inches (61×61 cm), then you have the Royal Bridal Bouquet which is 24×18 inches (61×46 cm). Though the Royal painting is the same length as Mirja’s painting, it’s quite smaller in actual surface. On the bottom is Caroline’s Bridal Bouquet which is the smallest of them all at 18×18 inches (46×46 cm), but it’s still a good size to have in any room of the house.

Don’t these colors look so good together? They are very soothing and soft colors, yet they make the pale flowers really pop and stand out.

Jenny from LiveLikeYou.com dropped by the studio yesterday to pick up some watercolor pieces and after seeing Mirja’s Bridal Bouquet in person she said “Wow, even though your photos are really good, they never really do the paintings justice. This one is incredible.” I wish all of you could see these in person.

By the way, did you see that I added a new photo to the front page and a slide show to the bridal bouquet section?


ps. Chris Botti was amazing! Never seen a group of musicians that gives their everything every time I’ve seen them. I can very misty eyed everytime I hear him play this song.