Whether over a bed or a sofa, don’t you think these look good together?

These three keep wanting to hang out with each other! I’m not so sure anymore that I can separate them! 🙂

When I saw these together on the floor the other day, I knew I wanted to put them above our bed to showcase how lovely they would be over a larger piece of furniture, like a bed or sofa (I know, it’s not Lonny Magazine… but at least Casey got me some wonderful photos!).

They remind me of Popsicles…

It’s always a challenge to give an accurate portrayal of paintings on a site. I try my hardest and have never posted a final version of a painting that is not accurate to it’s real version. However, how do you show the actual size of a painting? I’m horrible with numbers… inches or cm barely mean anything to me. I like my chair or any other furniture piece I have to measure it up against. So now we expanded with the bed! I hope you get the picture of the sizes of these paintings, together or apart, based on the photos. 🙂

Casey also took some close ups of the paintings! I love these and I hope you do too!

Happy Friday Eve!