In a little less than a month, it’s Mom’s special day here in the U.S. How do you celebrate her? Brunch at the favorite restaurant or country club? A full day of activities or a phone call? There are so many great gifts out there, she definitely deserves something more than a last-minute card.

If you like giving jewelry, Real Simple shares “28 ways to let mom shine” in their latest issue, but there’s always the good ol’spa treatment, an already put-together herb garden, accessories for the house like a nice vase filled with fresh flowers or an original painting, a photo album full of great memories or a new purse full of stationery.

A wonderful time in Annapolis eating ice cream in the Maryland State House park and taking a nice boat ride.

Since my mom gets two Mother’s days each year, yes, that’s right – one in the U.S. and one in Sweden (May 30) – we tend to combine them. Last year, we spend a full day in Annapolis and we had such a wonderful time! Spending a fun time together is definitely something I recommend. I like to celebrate my sisters too as they are both mothers now. Just with something small. They do such a wonderful job and deserves to be appreciated every moment possible.