{Deb from Farm Girl Framing works out of her basement, which I swear is larger than my house! She takes the time to show you all the options that would highlight your painting or photograph.}

It was a busy weekend for me. So much so I thought my pulse was going to reach an all time high yesterday. Besides finishing a bridal bouquet and photographing it, doing a few rendingerings for LiveLikeYou.com, and shooting a bridal bouquet video, I took a few of my larger pieces to my framer, Farm Girl Framing (new website coming soon). The last one doesn’t sound like a big deal, and it’s not but you know how it is when it’s another thing on the to-do list. 

Luckily, Deb has a calming influence on me.

The gallery wrapped pieces Deb are framing (Tulip Landscape, Single Tulip and White Twist) are going to a gallery gift shop in New Jersey, well not Tulip Landscape. All three of them have a lighter feel to them so instead of black frames I wanted to try to bring in nature and decided to go with a lighter wood flater frame instead. I also could have picked white frames but I think the light wood is a nice natural, earthy choice. I’m so excited to see the finished result. 

{Green Callas is being professionally framed by Farm Girl Framing}

I also framed the Green Callas. The frame I had wasn’t really gallery quality and I wanted to highlight the painting even more and Deb suggested a gallery standard 4 inch mat with a really nice lighter wooden frame. There’s also going to be a thin yellow line on the mat to add a special little something to the piece. I have a feeling this frame job will make a huge difference to this piece.