I’ve always loved watching the Oscar’s. Growing up, I used to try to stay up so I could watch it from my kid’s room in Sweden. Starting at 2:30 AM (Swedish time), I barely ever made it. I did, however, usually catch the end the next morning when the show was still wrapping up in the US.

Hands down, best dressed!
{image via instyle.com}

Though last night show was anything but entertaining (A+ for effort to Anne Hathaway), my mom and I had some good sushi while taking in this year’s dresses. There were a few dresses I liked. Reese Witherspoon was such a cutie in that hair-do and those darling green earrings…, Michelle Williams, while a little boring looked really classic and understated, I have a love and hate relationship with Amy Adams dress… I don’t fully understand the necklace. Though not my cup of tea, I thought Jennifer Hudson really pulled off her dress, just maybe not the chest situation. Hallie Berry looked so sweet in her dress, Gwyneth Paltrow was flawless with the clean lines, Sandra Bullock… a year later. Hello! And Celine Dion‘s dress was cut so beautifully… wow, twins just a few months ago! (I did think the necklace reminded me too much of the Titanic diamond she wore in 1998 though).

For me, only one woman elevated the fashion to be worthy of the Oscar’s and that was Cate Blanchett. Her dress, a Givenchy Couture design, was a piece of art! The lavender and lime stones, which frame the bodice, are so beautiful. Her whole look was so elegant. Every time she would be on camera, I thought about how I wanted do a painting like this dress.

{image via instyle.com}

Another favorite was Mila Kunis because I adore Elie Saab! I wish I could just have several of his dresses hanging around the house like girlfriends. Yes, please!

Congrats to Colin Firth! He’s always been my favorite from the moment I laid eyes on him in the BBC classic, Pride & Prejudice. When girls said Brad Pitt, I said Colin Firth and they went “huh?” Heart him and he really deserved the award. Go see “King’s Speech” if you haven’t already.

Lots to do today! Better grab another cup of tea.