Darlings, I had a lovely weekend at home after coming back from a wonderful trip up the California coast, but today is rough. ugh. I’m tired of responsibilities and to always figuring out what the next step may be. I feel confused of where I want to be in my life, physically. Is Washington DC really the best for my creativity? I love the Cali coast and felt so rejuvenated standing with my feet in the sand, but what about the much “easier” life in Sweden with more vacation and time off? Or why not France? ugh. 

Anyways, back to the weekend. I finished working on a new bridal bouquet. It’s an amazing bouquet of very dark (black) calla lilies. It’s a surprise to the client’s wife so I can’t share to much more than the first photo above. 

Besides painting this weekend I processed photos of another bridal bouquet and took Casey to help when I got stuck. He’s a certified Photoshop expert which comes in handy…all the time. 

Casey and I saw “Argo” this weekend. Such a great movie! Wow. Supertense even though I knew the ending. Before the movie we browsed a few stores and had dinner. I fell in love with this necklace at Banana Republic but really don’t have a use for it. I’m not one of those who buys fashion items just because.. i really need a use for it or an upcoming event. To say the least, my wardrobe is not very big and most things have paint on it these days.

Don’t you love it when you catch a great girl-movie on tv? I took a break from painting yesterday and saw that “The Holiday” had just started. I love that movie! About half-way through I decided to make a “Kladdkaka” – it’s a Swedish chewy chocolate cake and my go-to desert when I have cravings, besides just straight up chocolate.  Turns out I was missing a key incrediance and I was too lazy to go to the store so I moped for awhile before going on a rapage to find a replacement. And it was totally worth the mess! WOO HOO! Found it! So I made it just in time for the movie to be over so I could enjoy this declisous piece when I continued to paint (well, i had a lot more than one piece).

Have a great day!