Single Tulip - original with chair

Single Tulip – 30×40 inches framed in natural wood floater.

When Casey and I dropped off the large commission at the Veranda Gallery, we also switched out a few pieces of mine that are in the gallery. Clearly, I wish these pieces had sold the year they where hanging in the gallery (especially since they were “almost sold” many times), but it’s the name of the game. Nothing to get upset about. I get to see these happy pieces again, AND, now they are available in the Shop!

White Twist - original with chair

White Twist – 30×40 inches framed in natural wood floater

Green Callas - original with chair

Green Callas – canvas size 16×20 inches, framed in natural wood

Red Closed Tulip - original with chair

Red Closed Tulip – 18×24 inches framed in black floater

As soon as we came home I put the Single Tulip up in the stairway, a little too big maybe but I was so glad to see it again.

Single Tulip 2 August 2013

Single Tulip is home July 2013

Welcome home babies! You are greeted with LOVE and never with disappointment. Thank you for bringing joy to sooo many people at the gallery.