So this is what I’ve been working on the last week or so… As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, it’s a 4 piece wall size painting that will be very similar to the “Lion Sun” painting. I’m in the process of adding all the details and it’s taking some time, but I love this part. Most of the layering is done and I can start to really enhance the look and feel of the painting. Fun!

Large Lion Sun unfinished

Lola is keeping me company, which she usually does when I’m painting. Here she is at 4 am in the morning last weekend… She likes to be right in the middle of things, even if it means paint on her nose or paws. Shortly after this photo was taking, she nearly walked across the newly painted area on the canvas (to my annoyance, she always tries to do that when a canvas is on the floor.. what’s up with that?)!

Hope you’re enjoying the day!