Linn's bridal bouquet painting - instagram - original acrylic by Erica Eriksdotter

So many things are happening right now…  One of my secret bridal bouquets I’ve worked on this summer finally arrived in Sweden and the husband gave this lovely painting to his very surprised wife the other night. More information about this piece to come in a later post.

giveaway winner notecard set aug 2013

I shipped off another bridal bouquet to NYC the other day and a notecard set to the giveaway winner who lives in Sweden. Sure, international postage is always more expensive when throwing contests but i think it’s more fun to have a giveaway open to all countries. It’s one of my goals to spread my art across the globe so why not?

Lucy's pet portrait - in progress - original painting by Erica Eriksdotter

I just wrapped up a pet portrait of a beautiful white Maltese and started on another pet portrait a couple of night’s ago.

Pet portrait in progress

If you follow me on instagram (studio eriksdotter) you may see a couple of more photos of this darling dog.

Lion Sun and the chase - a staple at

So unfortunately we had to throw out what has been a staple of Studio Eriksdotter the other day – our dining room chase. It has served us well being the scale in photos showing off larger pieces for many years. But no more. It will be replaced with something else as this guy decided to pee on it. If you’ve had cats, you know there’s no return after that.

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