It’s been quiet here on the blog for a bit but it sure hasn’t been quiet in the studio. Sorry for not keeping you updated more, but I’ve been working hard on watercolor renderings for my friend’s shopping site, Live.Like.You, which launches in October. The watercolors will be part of the site, but some of my acrylics will be for sale!

So, what’s Live.Like.You? It’s a shopping site where you get free home designs suited to your personality or the personality you wish you had, i.e. glamour girl, modern bachelor etc. Isn’t that such a great concept? (I think I’d call my personality “earthy Marie Antoinette.”) Why should you decorate your home like everyone else or how retailers decorate in their mass-produced catalogs? I’m all for taking your time and filling your home with items which represent who you are and inspire you to become what you want to be.

You can read more about how this concept came to Jill by visiting her blog and she promises more sneak previous in the coming weeks! You can also find her on facebook!

While not watercoloring to The Tudors, I’ve been working on another smaller 4-piece to show case at the next art show I’m doing in Alexandria on Oct. 2. AND I bought six large canvases that will become 2-piece art works to cover some large wall space. I’m very excited!

Stay tuned!