{acrylic in progress}

I’m still trying to finish this pink explosion of ranunculus. The goal was to have it done by this past weekend but my birthday ‘got in the way’ so it just had to wait. It’s getting there and I may have it done later this afternoon. It’s feels like it’s taking too long even though I haven’t spent too many hours on it. I guess it’s just one of those projects that feels like they’ll never get done.

I’m enjoying painting ranunculus though. I find them to be very romantic, even with it’s very structured and petal-packed center. They are more modern looking than peonies, which has a soft spot in my heart. Look at these amazing bouquets made with ranunculus flowers. Beautiful.

ranunculus bridal bouquets

{image source: Weddingbee and Flowergirlsoftulsa}

When I’m not trying to finish my acrylic original, I’m trying to knock out as many new renderings for LiveLikeYou.com as I can. Jill is in the process of launching a few more rooms and one being “Earthy Modern.”

I do a few at a time and then Jill and I meet to discuss them and I get more rooms to finish. This room should be up later this week. I have a few more rooms to do for it but hope to get them done later today.

Jill and I collaborate really well but the only problem with these renderings is that I want to buy half the furniture I’m painting! It’s just not fair getting so intimately involved with these pieces! The photo above has this amazing orange rug that is to die for. It would fit perfectly into our livingroom.

Check out the LiveLikeYou blog, I just saw that Jill has posted some photos from this past Saturday’s LiveLikeYou launch party! We had a fantastic time!

Alright, better pick up that paint brush! I got lots to do today 🙂