Tulip commission - first draft

Over the last several weeks I’ve been wrapping up a secret bridal bouquet commission and starting on a commission of two large paintings for a beach house a stone’s throw from New York in New Jersey.  I normally can just start working on the piece but because this was through the gallery I’m represented by, I wanted to take a stab at a first draft on smaller pieces.  We had to go with rectangular canvases so while this was really lovely, the client opted for the “Single Tulip” look he had viewed in person at the Veranda Gallery.

Tulip commission in progress

Once I had sketched out the smaller versions of the tulips on paper, I just dove right in. Like I always tell my Cocktails & Canvases peeps – it never looks pretty in the beginning.

Tulips commission in progress

Once I was comfortable with the first painting, I started sketching the second piece.

Tulips commission in progress

They are far from being complete but I’m so happy I’ve passed the half-way point and can now start on focusing on the DETAILS. Love love love the details and where I’m shaping the petals more and giving everything more texture.