For some small-business marketing research, I reached out to my fellow newsletter subscribers the other week and asked them why they buy from me. I think it’s important to know your audience and I was sooo happy to received such an overwhelming response. Thank you every one who took the time to send me a few lines.

What surprised me the most to hear? That my customers buy from me because they genuinely like ME. I really had no idea! I almost had a Sally Field moment in my studio reading some of the replies.

Here’re are a few of my favorite responses:

Love the colors and style you use in your paintings.  Your paintings reflect your wonderful personality.

I buy from you because I see your art as authentic, bright and vibrant, happy, full of soul, emotion, emotional connection.

I love flowers and love your unique view and vivid color choices.

Your specialties are what attracted us to you.  In my case, it was the pet portraits.  And once we did work with you, we continue because I love your work and because I truly like you personally.

I buy from you because quite simply you are a magnificent artist. It’s as simple as that! You capture the soul of your subjects.

The unique idea of preserving one’s bridal bouquet is such a personal and everlasting memory and keepsake.  The painting themselves are so “lifelike” …as if you could actually pick a flower from the bouquet. I absolutely LOVE your pet portraits and hope to someday commission you again.

For me it was a little of what you paint (awesome flowers) and a little of you.  When I thought of having you paint Erin’s bouquet it was a no-brainer as you are awesome at painting all types of flowers, and I know you and like you so it was special that you could do this and I could buy a painting from you.

Do you agree with the responses? Why do you buy from me?