I’ve been thinking about how to better meet the demand of my art lately, and offering reprints came to mind. After discussing it with a few people, who provided great advice, I realized I want to stick with my initial thought and continue to only do originals… Here’s why:

To me, original art is about a feeling. My paintings are made by me; every brush stroke is made with my hand.  Each outline is made after a decision made by me. Each painting, alike or completely different, is unique and has its own history, with its own secrets. Because of the texture, depth and tiny subtleties – an original offers a connection with the artist and tells a different story every time you look at it. From the canvas, the paint and the dimensions, it all communicates and touches you. It does that because it is real. You just can’t beat that feeling and that is why I continue coming back to only wanting to do originals. I want people to experience that feeling.

Not to mention… an original painting is considered an investment that should appreciate each year as I evolve as an artist, continue to mature and expand my art career. I may not be the next O’Keeffe or Monet, but I’m quickly selling my art and seeing a higher demand for it. My work is becoming more valuable and it’s amazing to see it happen. I am so grateful.

I have an original painting hanging in my studio by a painter from Colorado. It was an impulse buy and I am so happy I went with my gut (my impulse buys are extremely planned and thought out for about 30 seconds. They haven’t failed me so far!). I could only afford his field sketch but I’m so happy I bought it and lugged it on the plane back to DC. The experience of talking with the artist, shaking his hand, getting his advice… it just rocked! I feel so connected emotionally to his piece every time I look at it. I know a print wouldn’t have been the same.

Prints and reproductions are wonderful additions, but consider an original artwork if you can. There are so many up-and-coming artists with affordable originals! Check out the local art schools for exhibits, arts and crafts shows or online communities, such as Etsy.

So, I’ll continue to put a lot of time and effort into each painting and wave good bye to each as they find their homes. One day, I may revisit offering reproductions and more people can enjoy my art.