I’m checking my to-do list off this week! So proud of myself.

Young House Love ran a giveaway a couple of months ago and sweet Ali won! She wrote about her giveaway prize on her blog (can she be any cuter!?) and I’m hoping she’ll post again once she has her original painting framed and hung in her house. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s always so nice to hear what clients think.

As her prize, she got to commission a painting and we decided on hydrangeas after she showed me a photo she had taken on a vacation to San Francisco. I’ve never painted hydrangeas but it just happens to be my favorite flower so it was really lovely to do it.

Sea of Hydrangea” is an acrylic on canvas paper measuring 16in x 20in (41cm x 50.8cm).

Since the painting is on canvas paper, the technique I use is a little different – the paint just doesn’t flow as easily on it. This style isn’t as common for me but I still enjoy it, I can be a little free-er in applying and not be as detailed oriented.

Do you spot the face? I didn’t see it until my mom pointed it out to me, but there’s totally a face in my painting! It’s in the center and here’s a zoomed in photo. I guess it’s some sort of sign, but what for? Hm..I’ll take it as a good one, no matter what it is.

Ali will receive the painting later this week but has already started decorating her living room around it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to hear what she thinks when she sees it in real life.