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Become an Affiliate for How to Paint a Dog Portrait

with highly sought fine arts painter Erica Eriksdotter

Let’s team up and spread the love for painting and wholehearted growth far and wide!


Spread Colorful Joy and Wellbeing and Make Affiliate Profit

How to Paint a Dog Portrait is a one of a kind program that teaches the process of painting a realistic dog portrait to students while providing emotional, mental and physical support through the painting process. Erica set her students up to be more confident and deeply connected to their creativity, confident in follow through with paintings and well positioned for accepting pet portrait commissions.

How to Paint a Dog Portrait Retails for $1,497

Our affiliate partners get $500 of every successful sale.

But there’s more…

When you partner with us, you also get the same commission on full-priced courses, and join friendly competition for a chance to win cash prizes during the pre-launch.

What You’ll Be Sharing

For pre-launch content, Erica has developed a runway of fun painting activities to inspire and reconnect to ones creativity, free masterclass with 5 useful painting tips, discounted courses and much more. 


Launch Highlights

Open Carts

Masterclass #1

Masterclass #2

Cart Closes

How to Paint a Dog Portrait Begins!

Commission payouts start 45 days after the cart close.


What are you looking for in your affiliate partners for How to Paint a Dog Portrait?2022-04-01T12:51:20-04:00

I’m looking for affiliate partners who align with my integrity and resonate with my wholehearted way of teaching (physical, emotional, mental and sometimes spiritual). Beyond the actual painting techniques and lessons, I provides support for the process, how to work through resistance, follow through from start to finish, and general discussion of some of the emotional and mental aspects of a painting practice. I deeply value compassion, commitment, mindfulness and an acceptance of each student no matter what skill level.

It’s important that you’re aligned with every part of what this course provides and what I stand for. We review each application for their brand, audience engagement, and personal connection to my art and/or this course.

I look for a partner with eagerness and excitement to join the creative plan for promoting the course, and embracing the support offered to learn and maximize their impact. In addition, commitment to service is very important to me and want folks who can offer support and real value to those who use their link to purchase this course. This course is a big investment for my students and potentially for you to earn as a partner and every aspect of that should be treated with respect, high integrity and wonderful customer service.

All affiliate partners must divulge that they are an affiliate and might receive financial compensation when they write about my course, following the FTC guidelines. All affiliate partners also will sign detailed contract.

Affiliate partners are a wonderful and small mix of personal friends, alumni of the How to Paint a Dog Portrait course and influencers who align with my purpose. All have working relationship with me and have gotten to know me through decades of being a painter, through the course or through other communication.

Do I need to have a massive email list and/or social media following?2022-04-01T12:38:40-04:00

Here’s what I’ve learned over 20 years of being a entrepreneur: it doesn’t matter how many you know or how many you have on your list. Because in your audience there may be someone in Arizona who knows someone in Germany who would love to join How to Paint a Dog Portrait online course. Or someone you never expected to want to paint but need gentle guidance to re-awaken their creativity, or someone who has seen your finished painting from the course and want the fulfilling experience you had.

I believe in magic and the potential for that and the impact is in your relationships. I don’t look at the list size or social media followers, but instead if there’s engagement and if your audience aligns with the values of How to Paint a Dog Portrait.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the launch if I’m selected as an affiliate partner?2022-04-01T12:13:04-04:00

It really depends! Some affiliate partners create their own bonus assets and promote the full runway, while others repurpose assets I provide and do a softer launch. What’s important is that you’ll have access to support, training and ready-made content to make your launch a success.

What if I haven’t been taken the How to Paint a Dog Portrait online course?2022-04-01T12:05:07-04:00

Whether you’ve completed How to Paint a Dog Portrait or not, what’s most important to me is that you can fully stand behind it and align with my wholehearted way of teaching, and the quality and standards I adhere to. This is more than a painting course. It’s about expanding your creative skills and as a human being. It’s about the honor of memorializing a beloved pet, and our service to the world.

What if I don’t have an audience of painters?2022-04-01T11:58:55-04:00

How to Paint a Dog Portrait was created for all skill-levels, including beginners who’ve only leisurely painted before. Individuals from all walks of life can put this online course into practice, wether high-up in the corporate jobs, are full-time mothers or recently retired as well as professional painters. One student said that by caring for her creative needs through the course, she was able to maintain her work/life balance.

More, the wholehearted course gives the support to reconnect with the whispers of inspiration, allow for the creativity to flow through and release the resistance and carry through with new projects. Something even professional painters struggle with.


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