When you talk about Erica’s art with others, they listen.

We’ve seen it over and over during the years. This program is our way of thanking you.


These are great tools to use to get higher Affiliate payouts when you share Erica’s work via social media, blog, email and during real conversation.


Perfect for social media, either of finished paintings or work-in-progress from the studio. Customer photos also tells a great story, especially if they are yours.


Perfect leave-behind at local businesses, i.e coffee shops, pet stores, breeders, rescue organizations, vets, florists, wedding planners or photographers.

painting videos

People love seeing glimpses from Erica’s painting sessions and these short videos emphasize the details and time that goes into each painting.

love notes

80+ reviews from around the world, shown together with the finished paintings and the reason why the client commissioned it.

your story

The most impactful thing to share with others is your own personal relationship with Erica’s art.

Affiliate payouts are made 30 days after the final payment from a new customer.


the program

  • Studio Eriksdotter Affiliates are a small group who support and assist Erica in spreading the word about her pet portraits and bridal bouquet commissions through social media, blogs, email, advertisement and real conversations. Erica is very protective of her brand and it’s important that we work together for an authentic experience for all.

  • Enrollment is only open once a year and all applicants are vetted to make sure we’re a good fit. The program is open to people world wide and eligibility is renewed based on performance. Guidelines and materials will be provided to those accepted.

  • We’re looking for Affiliates who represent Studio Eriksdotter with high integrity and passion. Ideally, you’ve commissioned a painting from Erica before or have followed her closely for many years, and already happily recommend her work.

the payout

  • Payouts are done 30 days after the final payment has been made by the customer. Compensation is determined by the size of the painting: 12×12 inch canvas: $100; 16×16: $150; 18×18: $200; 24×24: $300. If a non-standard size is picked, then a 16% payout is calculated.

  • Payouts are made on new customer orders only. Any additional paintings commissioned by the same customer in the future are excluded from any  payout.

  • Customer must mention Affiliate’s name when ordering the commission for the Affiliate to receive payout. Don’t worry, plenty of prompts are available.

  • All Affiliates must divulge that they are an affiliate and that they might receive financial compensation when they promote Studio Eriksdotter, following the FTC guidelines.

Yes, I’d Love to Promote Erica’s Art!


The deadline to apply is October 4, 2018.