What a beautiful day this past Saturday day was and it brought out a lot of people out to enjoy Art on the Avenue in Alexandria, Va. Casey and I headed out early on Saturday morning to have plenty of time to set up before the show started at 10 am. And what a great show it turned out to be! 

I’m so excited I get to show you my new display gear!

First, I have a new tent! It’s my very own tent and has a waterproof top and zipped up side walls! This means that my original art is much more protected from unexpected storms! Love it. It looks fantastic too. I couldn’t be happier. Second, I bought another mesh panel so now I have two in my booth, one on each side! This allows me to hang more paintings on the walls. It looks great and worked really well this past Saturday. Third, I have a new chair! Many artists who do these shows have told me how important it is to not have your visitors “look down” on you. A director’s chair is therefore the best chair to use and mine couldn’t fit in better into my display! Where’s my yacht and colorful drink with umbrella in it? I keep adding to my display but I think I may be done for awhile.

Since this was a local show, friends and family took the opportunity to come out and show their support! I have a wonderful cheerleading squad and Casey manage to capture some of them with my camera! ๐Ÿ™‚

My sister Caroline and her adorable daughter, Corinne, and our amazing mom!

Corinne and I are testing out my new chair ๐Ÿ™‚

My Swedish friends: Sandra and daughter Saga, Ann and Linda with daughter Mila

My friend Emelia is the daughter of my former collegue and friend/mentor
who had her booth “Pink Pineapple Studio” just across from me. Love Emelia’s tutu!

Thank you also to Renea and Bettina for stopping by and wishing me luck!

I received wonderful compliments again and had some great conversations with some visitors! One customer suggested my tulip series should be renamed to “waiting to bloom,” and I have to admit, I love it! What a poetic name. I love when visitors really take the time to look at my art or give me a smile or a nod after seeing my paintings. It warms my heart! So to all of you who stopped by my booth to look at my art, stationery or just say hi – THANK YOU! I try my hardest to really take in all your praises, because I know you mean them!  If you bought a painting or note cards, thank you so much for supporting my passion!

๏ปฟNext show is in Richmond on Oct. 16-17! ๐Ÿ™‚