Bathroom renovation - new tiles!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers! The blog will take a break for the rest of the week to enjoy the holiday but wanted to leave you with an update on the bathrooms.

The tiles are in and we absolutely love it. We ordered the tiles (premium antasit 12×24 inches) from the Tile Shop at Tyson’s Corner which took two weeks for it to arrive. Then it took 3 days to install in both our bathrooms. We switched out our wood threshold for marble which picks up the color in the grout (light gray) and the wall color we wanted.

manhattan mist

Once the grout had dried, Casey prepped the walls and then started painting. We had originally picked Behr’s Manhattan Mist but after a coat it just came off too blue, so we switched to Gentle Rain.

painting has begun

Meanwhile… while we were working hard, Rasmus was staying as far away as possible…

meanwhile downstairs

Now we’re just installing my new IKEA vanity and because they have their own plumbing system, we’ve come to a complete stop. There’s always something.

Note: Follow this process here and here.