Gently tap into your creative energy and feel meditative joy.


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“It gave me a lot of joy for 20 minutes focusing on an easy-to-follow challenge without life’s distractions.”

I needed a new source of joy, and I’m very happy I did it! I felt very positive at the end of the challenge. I even tagged on a daily walk and sent a few finished paintings to friends.”

– Gerda, painter from Virginia, USA

Consider me your painting coach! 

Join me for 8 days and gently tap into your own creativity, joy and wellbeing.

When you join the Painting Challenge, you’ll get my personal instructions and guidance for 8 days to begin connecting to your creativity and tune in to the whispers of inspiration. You’ll get the support you need to grow your creative confidence and fulfillment.

Every day I share a new challenge, along with a photo of a reference painting, a sketch and easy follow-along steps for meditative joy. I’ll show you how to follow a simple painting practice that serves you these days and beyond. A playful practice that taps into the whole of you, that nurtures you and make you feel inspired and connected.

“Thank you!!! I’m so grateful for this course and how it has helped soothe my soul. ❤️❤️❤️”

– Antonia Kilday, poet and beginner painter from Virginia

How does it work?

All skill levels can do this


“This has been such a godsend for me during a time of high stress. It was so fun and a great stress reliever. I really enjoyed it so much.”

– Jayne, painter from Canada

“It came just at the right time. It challenged me to take 20 minutes to breath and reminded me to get creative again.

– Jenny, mother of two from Virginia



Pet Portrait Painter

My name is Erica and I paint realistic custom portraits of dogs and cats that grief counselors say help my customers work through losing a pet. My art has been featured wildly in the press including Washington Post, My Modern Met and on national and global television.

I grew up in Sweden as the youngest of three daughters and with a beloved Yorkshire terrier named Lucas. I loved to paint from an early age and I sold my first painting at age 10. Now I also teach painting courses for all skill levels.

This 8-Day Painting Challenge is a gentle way to tap into your own creativity, joy and wellbeing. It helps you tune into the whispers of inspirations and creativity in your daily life, even if you can’t even doodle.

There have been times during my 3 decades of being a painter where I’ve lost that spark and the joy of painting, or life has been too overwhelming to feel any creative flow happening. During times like these it’s hard to find the motivation to paint or shake the resistance that’s blocking your creativity. It can be frustrating and disappointing. But those are the times I’ve needed to paint the most, to tap into the meditative joy and wellbeing feelings of creativity.

My Painting Challenge is modeled after my own strategy of gently tapping into my own creativity during the rough times: focusing on making it easy, painting without expectations and making it a daily habit again. We all have the creative energies inside of us, ready to be awakened and strengthened. Taking the step of simply starting is key.

Whether you feel disconnected from your creative side, have painted for years, are just starting out, or you’re simply new to painting acrylics, the 8-day painting challenge is the perfect place to unwind and be inspired. 

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