It’s been three weeks since we picked up Rasmus. Man, I’m so glad the “adjustment period” or “separation period” is over. Nowhere does it say it’s a little stressful – you feel for the current cat who does not like the new kitten, and you feel guilty as soon as you spend more time with either one of them. You may remember we had to keep Rasmus in a separate room for at least 10 days so he wouldn’t give what he had to Lola, plus they recommend at least 7 days of them being in separate rooms.

Rasmus is too cool for school.

After 10 days of meds and listening to Rasmus crying as soon as we left the room, we started letting him explore the house a little, slowly and room by room. Lola would observe and sometimes growl when Rasmus would come too close.

Then something magical happened, and I’m not sure how it happened but I guess we had given Lola enough time to start like the new kid on the block. They started to chase each other around the house, play together and as soon as one left the room, the other curiously followed.

The cutest is when Lola cleans Rasmus (to his dismay as he rather like to play but Lola holds him in a firm grip) and, of course, when they sleep next to each other. Adorable.

Everything works out eventually.

Take it easy today.