Crystal Cottage July 2012 6

Ahhh my days at Crystal Cottage are over but let me tell you…. they were sweet like sugar. You may recall this post where I mentioned I would be taking a course improving my healing and psychic abilities – for myself but also to bring more light into my art, and others.

The course was absolutely phenomenal. Normally stretched over weekends over a whole season, the curriculum was instead crammed into 8 days. The intense pace was definitely for me and I think the beautiful views helped me digest the curriculum. Colette, the teacher, had traveled from the West coast to come out and teach the class at Cherie’s cottage which hadn’t been offered in a couple of years. I’ve known her since 2009 and it was nice to see her again. I really like her teaching style because she cuts right to the chase and doesn’t bs around – she also uses dirty language which is always a plus in my book. ha!

Crystal Cottage July 2013 Collage 3

The course was held 1.5 hour drive outside of Washington, D.C. in Berryville, Va. It’s surrounded by wine and farm country.  I felt so honored to be there, and the long drive in the morning helped me get into the mode and leaving the stress of traffic and work behind. The drive back helped me process what I had learned during the day.

The property that Crystal Cottage is on have horses and we often heard the cows later in the evenings. A farm I passed every morning had a peacock and on my second day he/she was taking a leisurely stroll across the road. This is how I want to live… and with the ocean within a 30 minute drive. California is calling my name once again.

Crystal Cottage July 2013 Collage 1

Most days, Colette taught for 8 hours but it definitely felt like we were granted more time inside the cottage because we got through so much material. I did hands-on training and have a full notebook with notes. The last four days we also had clients in the afternoon where Colette lead and Cherie and myself assisted. It was an amazing feeling to put everything I had learned to use and help clients. They all left feeling so much better, with new solutions and issues resolved.

Crystal Cottage July 2013 Collage 2

Oh, what fun we had. We laughed and joked around in between learning and shedding tears from healing that needed to come up. Colette and Cherie are wonderful women, healers and teachers and I have such admiration for them and trust in them.

Crystal Cottage July 2012 14

On my last day the peacock greeted me again. He was standing so proud on the fence and just looked at me as I parked my car in the middle of the one lane farm road to photograph in. Symbolically, the peacock stands for immortality and renewal. I have longed to take this course since 2009 and I finally could, financially and with time off day-job and art. It was amazing to give that to myself.