Tile Shop Marble hexigon

The tiles have been picked up, and I’m so excited to get our sad-looking powder room done. We went with this fabulous Hampton Carrara Hexagon tiles which I have been looooonging for forever. Sure, it’s a little bit more expensive since it’s marble ($16 per square feet) but our room is so tiny it was worth to splurch a little. The photo above shows the 5 inch, and we went for the 3-inch tiles.

So before I show you the inspiration for this project, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see what the powder room looked like when we bought the house (covers her eyes):


Yup – that’s it. I swear that courter-round still drives me bananas. I wasn’t used to having hardwood floors in a powder room and always found that strange… apparently it happens in the U.S. Since we had just bought the townhouse, and were basically house poor, I resorted to doing some cosmetic changes and painted the vanity and the walls.


Aaaaand though I wasn’t happy with the wall color (I thought it was going to be more like this), I was very pleased with the overall finished look. It was suddenly liveable. I added some new fixtures, like the lamp, faucet, towel ring, and aren’t those Anthropologie star fish knobs adorable?

Besides the tiles I’m continuing our gray/white theme (see other bathroom renovation). Here’s a couple of photos that serves as the inspiration for our new project:

Inspiration for powderroom floor

Obviously the floor in the above photo, but the pedestal sink happens to be the exact same as well. We’re upgrading the baseboards and the inside door frame as well.

Inspiration for powderroom gallery wall

I wanted to have a little bit more fun with the powder room. This is really a room where you can take risks and just explode in creativity… buuuuut when you’re married you have to adapt your crazy ideas a little. So no crazy patterns, yellow zebras or forests, and no painted ceiling either. Bo. Next time.

But we are going a little bolder in this powder room with this dark gray wall color, and just like the image above we plan to do a fun gallery walle wall. Clearly, I have plenty of my own art around but we’ve also collected art over the years that doesn’t currently have a place. It will brighten up the room as well since there’s only one light source in there.  We’ll see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

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