We’ve added swimming to the schedule! I swam for 10 years as a kid so it’s been fun to play in the pool again.

I’m into my 4th month of personal training (remember by first post?) and I’ve seen so much improvement in my quality of life thanks to it. No more running to the chiropractor a couple of times a week, I can paint without having issues with my shoulder and I’m overall so much stronger which of course leads to more energy for everything. And no, I still don’t like the gym but the facts are there – the reward has been amazing.

food journal june 2013

My food journal is tracking every bit I take. I’m trying to give up dairy and wheat for the month of July.

I haven’t lost much weight so I’m tracking everything I eat in a food journal (courtesy of my friend Salih) to see where I can improve. It seems like I’m eating too little, so now i’m eating every 2 hours, and drinking a lot more water. Fingers crossed! I’d love to get those extra 20 lbs off. How did they even get on in the first place? so rude.

Working out June 2013

A little “in action shot” taken by my personal trainer.