Bathrooms before

I really can’t believe i’m showing you this “before” photo. It’s how much I love you guys… Even showing you all my junk spread out on my sink (since the hubby snapped away without tryyyyying to at least make it look a little bit more presentable… oh well).

You may recall why it took us so long to redo our bathrooms from this post and some in-process photos here. And now it’s all done!


Premium antasit 12×24 inches tiles, IKEA Godmorgon cabinet with Odensvik sink, IKEA Godmorgon cabinet, American Standard dual flush toilet, and Behr wall color “gentle rain.”


We absolutely love the dark gray against the glossy white. The combination, without any color, comes off surprisingly warm, and it’s very classic and Scandinavian which I enjoy. We also finished Casey’s bathroom but it looks pretty much the same, with a shower instead of a tub.


I added a basket under my sink to store maybe towels or other items, but that quickly turned into a basket for the kitties… like every box or basket we bring into the house. If you ever need to catch a cat, just put out a box, and you’ll have a kitty in no time.

Now it’s on to planning the next renovation project, which will be the powder room. Here’s my inspiration, with maybe a gallery wall to host some of our many art prints collected over the years.

Note: Follow the powder room process here, here, here, and before and after photos here.