I’m honored you found your way to my studio.
Maybe one of my many customers referred you, or you happen to see one of my social media posts.
Either way, welcome!

Here’s a quick little ‘get to know me’ overview. I hope we’ll start something beautiful together soon.


Who am I?

I’ve always loved to paint. I’m a self-taught, 3rd generation painter and I sold my first painting at the age of 10. Thirty years later, I pride myself of having customers all over the world, with many trusting me to come back for another pet portrait or bridal bouquet commission (or a fifth!) within a couple of years.

My studio is in my home outside of Washington DC where I live with my husband, Casey (another creative), our son and daughter, and our cats, Lola and Rasmus, who often keep me company in the studio.



Pet portraits – making the love last forever

Over the last decade, I’ve had the honor of helping many customers all around the world add more meaning, culture and depth to their homes with portraits of their furry friends.

Some say a pet portrait is the perfect gift, and many are moved to tears when they unwrap the paintings, or see their loved ones open their thoughtful gift.



I share photos, videos and even paint live on my instagram handle (@studioeriksdotter) to bring you closer to the creative process.

I share close ups of the brushstrokes, ‘before and after’ photos of sessions and fun real-life glimpses into the studio.

Each pet has his/her own hashtag and instagram stories are saved. Some love to follow along, share the links with friends or after they give the painting as a gift, and others print them out as a bonus keepsake.

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Bridal bouquets – preserving your wedding memories

My bridal bouquet paintings have been mentioned in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine as a “great alternative to preserve ones posey,” and they are often commissioned by husbands for anniversaries and sons and daughters ahead of a big milestone birthday. Mostly, they are commissioned by the bride herself to memorize one of her happiest moments.


Jaime's bridal bouquet painting - original acrylic by Erica Eriksdotter of Studio Eriksdotter. A unique way of preserving your wedding bouquet flowers.


Paintings take 40 to 80 hours

I work the same way as the old masters, one brushstroke at a time, without any shortcuts.

Commissions take 40-80 hours over a stretch of a few weeks and each finished painting is a culmination of 30 years of dedication in the studio. I bring my whole heart into every tiny brushstroke.

If you’re curious about the full step-by-step process, learn more here.


I receive love notes from customers all over the world expressing their heartfelt thanks and gratitude for what my art means to them.
It’s an extraordinary honor to be a part of people’s lives.

“Thank you Erica for everything. Your extraordinary talent and your extraordinary heart.”

– M.S. of Maryland

“I will never forget her reaction when she opened it – truly magic.”

– A.V.P. of Sweden

“It brought tears to my mother’s eyes. It feels so great to see her face opening the painting! Thank you Erica!”

– R.D. of Virginia

“You’re first-class all the way!”

– P.B. of Indiana

“There’s so much meaning behind this portrait. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with the world!”

– M.T. of Virginia

“I have to say, I was speechless for a minute.”

– D.H. of United Kingdom


Modern art

My large statement pieces have been exhibited all over the East Coast in National Juried Shows, and in my favorite gallerias, restaurants and shops.

Limited editions are available for sale.


Bonus Facts


Eriksdotter means “Erik’s daughter” in Swedish and is my maiden name after my father, Leif Erik Larsson.


Studio Eriksdotter is a socially conscious company and when you invest in my art, you also support women, children and animals in need.


I’m tea drinker who cheats with coffee all the time. But if I bring a cup into the studio – forget it! It’ll most likely be mistaken for the paint water.


My family is my rock. I grew up in Sweden as the youngest of three daughters. Still today, we’re within minutes of each other.


Lola, the cat in the top photo, is always in the studio with me, earning her own hashtag #LolaEriksdotter. Rasmus, our other cat, is a bit more shy. I grew up with a yorkie, named Lucas, who was my everything.