Erica with flowers from Corinne

My darling 3-year old niece came carrying these to the Open Studio event. She had chosen the bouquet herself. I loved it.

It’s almost been a week since the Open Studio event but I’m still so excited about it. I wish I had taken more photos, shot a snippet of video so everyone can feel the vibe, and some product photos of how pretty the ‘stations’ were. You can get an idea from the photos Casey took here, and then there the ones I shot while prepping here and here.

I realize I can’t do everything but it’s annoying when you have an event only once a year and your whole marketing for the next one depends on the photos and you don’t have enough to pick from. Oh well. I did manage to sneak a couple of pre-event photos while we were setting things up though, and some the next day.

Katie-beth prepping

My assistant Katie-Beth is currently interning with Clear Channel Communications but helped me out for the event. It’s so nice to have an extra pair of hands! Here she is making sure my prints are all in the baskets.

Lauren prepping her Stella & Dot jewelry

Lauren prepped all the pretty Stella & Dot jewelry so she could lay it out in one of the “jewelry stations”…

Yellow June, Red June - original paintings and Stella & Dot jewelry

…and here’s what it looked like in the room once she was done.

Limited editions by Erica Eriksdotter in the living room

Here’s some photos from the day after. I LOOOVE the birdies in the living room. What a treat to have them there. Casey prefers the mirror though so these puppies are going back down. I can’t argue when he says “every wall space has your art on it. I really like the mirror in the dining room.”

Pure Sunlight and Tulip Landscape LE

Pure Sunlight, original piece and a framed limited edition Tulip Landscape.

Yellow and Red June Limited Editions on the stairs

Framed limited editions, Yellow June and Red June at the bottom of the stairs.

Calla Me limited edition on the stairs

Calla Me, limited edition, over the stairs.

The Pearl and Sandra's Bridal Bouquet, original paintings

At the top of the stairs, The Pearl and a couple of framed prints. I borrowed a client’s bridal bouquet for the event so I could show everyone in person what a bridal bouquet painting looks like, so this is Sandra’s Bridal Bouquet in a really bad photo. See the real deal here.

Art in the hallway

I wasn’t joking when I said the house was packed with art. Here’s the rest of our tiny upstairs hallway with framed prints and limited editions.

The Pearl and Lara's Orchid limited editions

A blurry photo of framed limited editions The Pearl and Lara’s Orchid.

I had a studio packed with stretched limited editions and pet portraits but unfortunately I can’t share the horrible photo I have of it because some of the pet portraits are Christmas gifts. Don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Did you enjoy this little tour around my house? Hope you can be there in person next time!