Here you’ll find a variety of ways we can paint together, from free videos to more advanced one-on-one courses.

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Paint with Erica – a virtual live course
5 Part Course | Enrollment Opens Soon

During this 5-part live course Erica teaches you the skills and magic she uses to create her renowned pet portraits to level up and become more whole as an artist.

With a long wait list and a dedicated following, she builds confidence and eases out the anxiety and second-guessing by sharing her 3+ decades of knowledge via teachings and demonstrations. More, this is a custom experience where you get to influence the course.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced painter, this course assists you in becoming a better and more whole painter. Class size is limited for a safe and intimate space.

Some of the weekly topics include: Starting your painting, mixing colors and brush techniques, all about those soulful eyes, painting a lifelike fur, and the role of the background color.

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Painting a Pet Portrait – a private course
6 Weeks | $1,285

Become a better artist in 6 weeks and come away with a finished pet portrait – all via a private course with Erica. During this class, you’ll have 6 private virtual sessions with Erica and learn how to paint a pet portrait step-by-step. You’ll finish the course with a pet portrait you’ll want to share.

Your time commitment during this one-month is 5-10 hours per week for 6 weeks, in addition to the 1 hour per personal session with Erica. During your time with Erica she’ll give you feedback on your progress, teach next steps, share techniques via additional videos and paint live with you. 

Erica meets you where you are in your journey and guides your skills to new heights.

This class is for all levels and will be adapted to skill level.

Erica will contact you within 3 business days of paying the investment fee for scheduling your first session. 

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Painting a Pet Portrait You’ll be Proud to Share – a digital course

In this 10-part digital course, Erica teaches you to paint a realistic pet portrait. This course takes your skills to the next level as an artist. Erica guides you during a step-by-step process of the fundamentals and you’ll come away with a pet portrait you’ll be proud to share. Together, develop your full skillset – the same skills Erica uses to create her renowned pet portraits. 

Enrollment happens a few times a year as you also get personalized feedback as you learn from Erica, and other live goodies!

Some of the techniques we’ll cover: 

  • Step-by-step process
  • Color blending and fur matching
  • How to create soulful eyes and lifelike fur
  • Paintings which heals
  • Photographing, shipping and handling

And lots of goodies!

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Private Session
1 hour | $185

This is a 1 hour private painting session with Erica where you decide what you want to do.

Are you stuck in the middle of a painting? Don’t know how to get that sparkle in the eyes? Do you want to soak up the time to paint with a painter?

This is all you. 

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Critique of Work
Written feedback | $36

Submit your work to Erica and receive personalized feedback how to expand and enhance your pet portrait through Erica’s eyes. This is for you if you’re interested in a gentle and informative take on how to enhance your art and yourself as an artist.

“Words cannot explains the gratitude I have felt in you taking the time to look and commented my painting…a new set of trained eye can see things I couldn’t.” – Cristina

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Business Consultant for Creatives
1 hour | $150

Erica is passionate about assisting more creatives find their own way to follow their dream as full-time artists. She draws from her own experiences as an artists for 30+ years and her expertise as a PR and marketing leader in her former life of 15 years in the corporate world.

She’ll hone in on what works for you, not what the plethora of books tell you to do, and her passion is for more artists receive their abundance.


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Run the Business – an interactive ebook for creatives
coming soon

In this interactive ebook Erica shares how she became a renowned pet portrait artists, and everything she has learned during her 30+ years of being an artists. She’ll share how to make it work through the uaps and downs, how to hold on to the magic of creating, the life of a soloprenour – from keeping a schedule, her start-to-finish process that keeps her churning out portrait after portrait, and dig deeper into the many hats worn – from bookkeeper to marketing expert.

This is an interactive ebook which includes chapters, videos and audio recordings for a fully immersive learning experience.

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Pet Portraits That Lead to a Place of Healing
– A coffee table book to move through the grief
coming soon

This book is the chicken soup for the soul meets post secret for dog and cat lovers. Erica shares the extraordinary journey for each client via her genuine and heartfelt painting process that helps them get over their loss. For this book, Erica has personally selected about 10 pet portraits that powerfully reflect on our love for our pets and how the pet portrait led to a place of healing for the owner in grief.

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How to Paint Fur
1 hour | FREE

Join me for this 1 hour free tutorial about how to ‘fluff that fur’ when painting a pet. This was filmed while I painted Corky’s Pet Portrait, a commission from Pennsylvania.

How to Paint Fur – short version
25 mins | FREE

Join me for this shorter version of how to make the fur appear fluffy and real. This was filmed while I painted Corky’s Pet Portrait, a commission from Pennsylvania.

How to Paint Thin Lines
18 mins | FREE

In this video, Erica teaches how to paint thin lines. This is important to highlight detail work in the fur, eye lashes and whiskers. She teaches this technique while adding whiskers to Cory’s Pet Portrait, a commission from Pennsylvania.