The FIKA Podcast is new every other Tuesday! fika_podcast_graph_vFINAL

It’s time for FIKA, the Swedish word that means bonding and connecting with friends over coffee or tea.

This is a bi-weekly podcast by Erica Eriksdotter (me), a modern woman Connected to Self, who brings meaning to life through an earth centered truth.

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This is the place to be for real talks and discussions about everything from healing, fine arts, motherhood, entrepreneurship to health and fitness. The focus is connecting the dots through consciousness and elevating how consciousness is directed through each guests’ career and life paths.

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FIKA podcast episodes and transcripts:

001 – Time Traveling with Colette Chase (part 1)
002 – Art, Motherhood and Small Biz Talk with Michelle Armas (part 1)
003 – Finding Your New Self with Caroline Elliot
004 – Time Traveling with Colette Chase (part 2)
005 – Passion, Pottery and LibertyTown Arts with DD Lecky
006 – Art, Mother hood & Small Biz Talk with Michelle Armas (part 2)
007 – Discernment with Colette Chase
008 – Art and Life with Melissa Townsend
009 – Facing Health Crises As a Young Mother (with Linda Makarov)
010 – Discernment Exercise with Colette Chase
011 – The Life of a Premier Female Trumpet Player (with Amy McCabe)
012 – Cat and Small Biz Talk with I HAVE CAT (with Tamar Arslanian)
013 – Spiritual House Cleansing with Cherie Young
014 – Amy’s Self-Healing from Cancer (with Amy McCabe)
015 – Dissing on Pregnancy with Caroline Elliot